May 25, 2016

Go Inverted

Aviation casts a spell over almost everyone that it touches – be it a small child gripping an airport’s chain link fence watching airplanes takeoff and land, a 90 year old pilot wiping down his yellow J-3 Cub or a business traveler boarding a 747 for a work trip. Whether it be the magic of flight that commands your attention or your interest in how the system that you use for business or pleasure works, the world of aviation provides unlimited stories and lessons that can captivate and educate anyone interested.


Go Inverted began in 2006 as the brainchild of Chelsea Stein Engberg looking for a way to share her passion and excitement about aviation with others. Since that time it has transformed into a place that provides education and entertainment through blogs, discussions and media that focuses on all facets of aviation including safety, aerobatics, general aviation and more.

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